Tips, guides and tools for smart budgeting and money saving

household bills

How to cut costs on household bills

Energy bills can take a huge chunk out of the household budget, but here are a few tips to help bring them down. 1....

How to teach your teens to pay for themselves

Teenage wants are notoriously expensive. But pleasing them doesn’t have to mean haemorrhaging your bank account! Here are some tips to make it work...

Redditors Share their Go-To-Meals When Money Is Extremely Tight

A poster on the popular community site, Reddit is looking for inspiration on food ideas that are cheap and not Ramen noodle based, user...
family beach holiday

Travel insurance: Single trip or annual policy?

If you are planning a holiday, don’t forget to arrange insurance as well as your flights and accommodation. One in five people travel abroad...
Sneaky restaurant tricks

Sneaky restaurant tricks and scams revealed

Restaurants have a whole host of sneaky tricks hidden under their chefs' hats that are designed to make us spend more. Here's how to...
Homemade Beauty Products LeadFeat

30 Practically Free Homemade Beauty Products

When was the last time you longingly moved passed the beauty products in a department store, or deleted a spa offer from your email...
premium bond

Premium bonds: Christmas turkeys or just icing?

Many of us were given Premium Bonds for Christmas when we were little – and they are still around today, but are they “Christmas...
savings piggy bank

Five top tips to save your family money

Ever wondered what more you could be doing to stretch those family finances further, or to squeeze a few extra minutes out of the...
hannah's money saving tip

Hannah’s money saving tip: plan your meals

This week’s winning money saving tip comes from Hannah Ellis who tells us how she saves by meal planning. “My partner and I write down...
payday loan alternatives

Don’t get ripped off – alternatives to payday loans

Payday loans have been in the news again, with the government planning to introduce a new law to cap the cost of such loans....
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