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benefit cuts welfare

Benefit caps to affect millions of households

Parents on welfare must make a "financial decision" about whether to have more children as the Government continues to look at introducing benefit caps on how much money they receive. This warning from George Osborne co...
rail fares

Government reduces rail season ticket price hikes

Good news for rail season ticket holders! Annual fare rises in January 2013 and January 2014 will not be as high as planned. The Government had intended to allow train companies to raise the average price of regulated fares - whi...
snorers retirement

Snorers could receive £12,000 pension boost

Heavy snorers could potentially receive thousands of pounds of extra income in retirement simply by declaring their underlying condition when buying an annuity. MGM Advantage found that people who have sleep apnoea, of which heav...
benefit cuts

Over a million workers could face benefit cuts

As many as 1.2 million working adults could lose some of their benefits if they do not comply with new state requirements to be introduced next year. Until now benefit sanctions have only applied largely to those out of work. How...
child benefit changes

Families could lose £1,300 of child benefit

Around 1.2 million families are set to effectively lose some or all of their child benefit when the new changes come into force early next year. From January 2013, households receiving child benefit where one parent or partner ea...
Marks and Spencer coat

Recycled ‘Shwop Coat’ available at M&S

Marks and Spencer is leading the way when it comes to recycled clothes, stocking its shelves with a coat made entirely from second-hand clothing donated by customers. It is part of the retailer's "shwopping" campai...
workers wage

Workers £8,500 worse off by 2021?

Workers in the UK are now £1,600 worse off on average compared to three years ago because the "dire" state of the economy has pushed down wages. According to the Trades Union Congress (TUC), employees are just a quarte...
uninsured drivers

Millions unsure over driving other people’s cars

Millions of people are unwittingly driving cars uninsured because they do not realise they are not covered by the insurance of the car owner. Motorists caught helping out a friend or family member by driving their car may not kno...

Sainsbury’s forced to pull ‘misleading’ adverts

Sainsbury's has been forced to modify its advertising for its "brand match" offer after the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) found it gave consumers a false impression of the level of savings they could make. ...
minimum wage stay at home mums

Infographic: Minimum wage for stay-at-home mums?

If stay-at-home mums were provided a wage, what would you consider to be a fair annual salary for them? According to MyFamilyClub's recent survey, 30%...
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