Council housing set for the ‘hard working’

council housing

council housing"Hard-working families" are to be given priority in the queue for council housing under new rules put forward by the Government.

The proposals would see councils given the freedom they need to help families who all too often are overlooked, sending people who aren't working to the back of the line.

Grant Shapps, the housing minister, said "huge resentment" had built among taxpayers who "work hard and pay into the system".

He stated: "All too often, a tick-box culture has meant that the safety net of social housing doesn't support those in genuine need, but those who merely know how to tick the most boxes."

What does this mean for me?

Under the guidelines from the Department for Communities and Local Government, working families will be prioritised when it comes to the queue for social housing.

Couples who adopt or foster children in care will also be given priority for council homes.

On the other hand, prospective tenants who already own another property will be stopped from benefiting from a council house that they do not need.

Basically, it is aimed at helping families in work who are struggling financially. We all want to provide for our loved ones however, and in this harsh economic climate that can be a difficult task.

What if I am looking for a job?

David Cameron recently called for a wholesale reassessment of the purpose of the welfare system to reward people who work hard and contribute through income tax, while encouraging benefit claimants to find jobs.

Looking to get back into work can be a difficult process as you have to find a way of juggling your career and family life, but don't worry.

Flexible working is a way for you to balance both these aspects of your life, you just need to know how to find the right role for you and then you may be lucky enough to find your perfect job.