Holidays with parents proving popular

holidays with parents

holidays with parentsA growing number of adults are still going on holiday with their parents, in some cases getting their mothers and fathers to pay for the entire trip in an effort to save money.

A poll by LV= travel insurance found that as many as 39% of parents with offspring over the age of 18 are taking their children on holiday this year.

Two in three of these parents are not letting their children pay a penny towards the break, as the struggling economy continues to affect Brits, particularly the younger generations.

Helping hand

In fact, around 26% of parents said they are paying for, or subsiding, their adult child's holiday because they know their offspring cannot afford an all-important trip away.

On the other hand, two in five of those prepared to fork out for their grown up children are doing so as a treat, while for 37% their motive is to keep the family together regardless of the cost.

The average age of those joining mum and dad on holiday is now 30, with 19% being in their 40s. In a third of cases, parents are also taking more than one of their adult children away with them at a time.

Despite paying little or nothing for their trips, adults joining their parents for breaks still like to have a say in the vacation,with 99% of them giving their views on accommodation and 88% helping to choose the destination.

Find a cheap deal

Not everyone will want to go away with mum and dad this summer, and you don't have to. There are plenty of deals to be found at fantastic prices - you just need to do your research.

For instance, holiday parks are great way to treat the family to a well-earned holiday, and they won't burn a massive hole in your pocket.

And don't worry if you haven't booked yet, last-minute deals often prove to be the best value and can offer you significant savings.

You can also save money by booking your holiday online. But be quick as offers are often only on websites for a day or two, and then they're gone.