Homemade baby food ‘saving a fortune’

homemade baby food

homemade baby foodCash-strapped parents are increasingly making their own baby food at home instead of buying expensive meals at the shops.

The number of new mums and dads who are using supermarket or big-brand baby food has fallen from 76% in 2009 to 65% now. Meanwhile, as many as four in 10 say they are making more home-cooked food for their babies and toddlers than ever before.

Retail analysts Mintel - who conducted the study - attributed this change to the squeeze on the cost of living, with price rises outpacing increases in income.

The value of sales of baby food, drink and milk has risen by 51% over the last five years to reach an annual figure of £611 million.

However, Mintel expects the figure to rise by a far lower 15% over the next five years due to this growing popularity of home-cooked baby food. The number of packs, jars and cans sold through tills is predicted to fall by 3%.

Save money

Home cooking is viewed by many as a more controllable and cheaper alternative to manufactured baby food, and it is true that you can save a significant amount of money by doing so.

In fact, the majority of people make the switch having been fuelled by cost considerations, and who can blame them? Any saving, no matter how small, can make a difference to tight budgets.

In addition, it offers health-conscious parents greater peace of mind as they know exactly what their babies are eating.


Despite the advantages of home-cooked baby food,meals bought from shops are still a necessity for some people, especially mums who are returning to full-time employment.

The speed and convenience of prepared baby food is particularly valuable to those who lead hectic lives. If this applies to you then keep an eye out for deals and vouchers which could save you money on your purchases.

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