Over-working ‘will not make you happy’!


Over-workedIf you have plans to, or have already started a family, you'll be well aware that achieving that right work-life balance is vital in order to ensure you spend enough time with your kids.

Most of us would have no hesitation in saying that family comes first, but sadly sometimes the lines can get blurred.

While some people try to compensate for an unsatisfactory home life by throwing themselves into their job, research suggests they are actually unlikely to be rewarded for their workaholic attitudes.

Kingston University Business School research published in the British Journal of Management indicates that while job and life satisfaction can be linked, over-working is unlikely to make up for an unhappy home life.

Professor Yannis Georgellis, who co-authored the business school's report, also said mums with pre-school children are less likely to require workplace happiness, as they have different priorities.

So maybe some of us are looking in the wrong places for fulfilment?

Professor Georgellis added: "The life and work domains are definitely clearly correlated. Happiness at home affects your job and vice versa.

"Although there is a clear spill-over effect from one area of life to the other, there is no evidence that people who are very unhappy at home will feel compensated by work in any way."

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