Too tired to read to kids? You’re not alone!

mother and daughter reading

mother and daughter readingWe all know what fun reading with our children can be, and how important it is for their development. But as with so many things, tiredness and stress are getting in the way.

An impressive 60% of us are curling up in bed with our little ones and reading their favourites every day - be it the shenanigans of Peppa Pig, or the adventures of Harry Potter.

But it seems we would like to do more of this, and we would if we weren't so busy and tired.

Some 41% of people in a survey by the Booktime programme say a child's tiredness stops reading being fun. And 30% said their own tiredness was to blame.

And many of us also feel our stress levels are getting in the way.

So why not try making the bedtime read a bit earlier? Starting just half an hour sooner means you and the little ones aren't so tired, and you can all get to sleep a bit earlier too - which in turn will help reduce your tiredness and stress levels. Try our tips to speed up the bedtime routine.