Train travel could save you £600 a year

train travel

train travelCommuting to work by train can save your family as much as £600 a year, so it may be time to think about whether or not you can legitimise ditching the car for train travel instead.

Rail travel is much faster, too, and new research suggests leaving the car at home can amount to around six days of extra time to spend with your partner and children.

Next stop: Savings!

According to the study by Southern Railway, commuters can over the course of a lifetime save as much as £31,000 and have nearly a year (300 days) of extra free time simply by travelling to work by train instead of car.

Up to 50 years of commuting by rail could cost £115,000, but the figure is £146,428 for those travelling by car.

That means the average yearly cost of commuting by car is £2,929, whereas train travel is only £2,300.

And although the ticket pricing on the UK rail network can sometimes be confusing, there are some great savings that families can make by booking tickets online in advance. Family rail cards also cost only £28 for the year and can save you a third of the price of adult tickets and 60% on children's fares.

Environmental benefits

There are, of course, clear environmental benefits too - in fact train travel causes 57% less pollution in comparison to petrol vehicles and 22% less than hybrids.

The Southern Railway study focussed on the 10 most widely used rail journeys in its region, taking into account the average ticket price and the environmental effects.

Southern's Head of Marketing, Alistair Buckle, said: "Many commuters use the train as it's the easiest route to work; our study shows that not only is it saving you money, but travelling by train saves time overall and is kinder to the environment."

Indeed, commuters spend 263 hour on average in their lives taking the train and 407 hours driving to work.