Women lagging behind in the monthly savings stakes

monthly spending

monthly spendingDuring tough economic times it is crucial the whole family tries its best to team together and save as much monthly savings for the future as possible.

However, a new survey appears to uncover differences in saving and spending habits, suggesting that men find it easier to save than women.

Women, meanwhile, are more cautious when it comes to splashing out on bigger items and are more keen on insurance protection.

Men save 45% more than women

UK males save £257.50 each month on average - 45% more than women's monthly savings average of £176.40 - according to a new YouGov survey of more than 1,000 adults.

However, although it may therefore seem as though men have greater family savings available for a rainy day, it is in fact women who value insurance protection higher.

As many as 70% of women said that this was an important thing to take account of in their monthly budget, whereas only 60% of men agree.

Men and women's social expenditure

Women also spend less (£68.15) on socialising than men (£101.11) on average, and men are more likely to purchase luxury items from their savings. Only 25% of women who had bought a luxury item in the previous month did so using their savings, compared to 35% of men.

CEO of Paymentshield, Tim Johnson, who commissioned the survey, said: "Our research has shown that men generally have a more optimistic view of the future and aren't as worried about job or financial security than their female counterparts.

"But with such an unpredictable economy, it might be time for them to seek financial advice about more secure ways to protect their finances."

To work out how much you and your family are saving, it is a good idea to use a savings calculator.

There are plenty of ways of saving more money for your family, however, whether through energy savings, cancelling magazine subscriptions and exercising at home instead of in the gym.