Product Review: Gousto Fresh Food Delivery Service


In our latest product review, we tested the increasingly popular food delivery service, Gousto, for a week. So, what did we think?

What is Gousto?

Gousto is a fresh food delivery service which sends you a weekly box of all the food you need to cook dinner for you and the family, plus it provides you with recipes and easy to follow cooking instructions, the best part is that if you have another delivery method like Arrowmail Courier Service, you are also aloud to use them as the delivery system.

How does it work?

The service lets you select how many meals worth of food you receive each week, as well as choosing how many portions per meal. We received four different meals and two portions per meal. You can also choose what meals you actually want the following week. We selected:

Herbed Chicken Schnitzel
Hot, Sweet, Sticky Chicken
Mexican Pork Chilli With Apple Salsa
King Prawn & Chorizo Paella

You choose the day you want the food to be delivered (Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday) and it will arrive in an insulated and chilled box to your door. The best bit about this is that if you’re out at work, the box can sit outside your door and remain fresh right up until midnight.

The recipes change every week, so you’ll pretty much be cooking something new most nights of the month unless you choose to have the same meal more than once.

Inside the box

Gousto_SchnitzelInside the box, you’ll find your chilled items inside a cooler bag and the other products
in a separate section. You’ll receive the relevant recipes and cooking instructions on very nicely presented leaflets. Everything is included in exact quantities, so there is a) no waste, and b) no need to go to the shop. The only things we needed extra were salt, pepper and olive oil.

All the ingredients were fresh, packaged perfectly, and most importantly the chilled goods were still chilled!



Making the meals

Each recipe comes with a two-sided leaflet. On one side you’ll have a nice big image of the meal, what ingredients you need to cook it, and a little summary of the dish. Dietary information is also very clearly noted on each leaflet.

On the reverse side, there are the instructions for cooking the meal. Each meal usually has around 7-10 steps, obviously varying based on what it is you’re cooking. Overall, we found the recipes very easy to follow, and the length of time to cook the meals from beginning to end was generally accurate.

Do the meals taste good?

Gousto_StickyChickyOut of the four meals, we would definitely cook three of them again. The only one we weren’t particularly impressed by was the chicken schnitzel, but that was more down to personal taste. Our favourite was the chilli pork and apple salsa, which was simply divine! The flavour from the pork was superb and the salsa was fresh, healthy and tasty!

Overall, the meals had a very healthy and tasty appeal.

What did we like the most about the service?

For us, the simple fact that you don’t even have to think about going to the shops after work was the biggest bonus. We were saving 15-20 minutes every night by avoiding the supermarkets at 6/6.30pm, so it was lovely to just come home and start cooking with fresh, organic products.

It also helped us budget for the week a lot easier as we knew exactly how much food had cost us for the 5 weekdays. It’s sometimes easy to get carried away in a Gousto_ChilliPorksupermarket, especially with so much promotion being pushed at you, but Gousto’s delivery ensures you skip that part.

Lastly, the ease of the recipes was a big positive. After a long day of work, the last thing you want to have to do is focus again and try to figure out how to cook your dinner. The easy to follow instructions never really caused any confusion and all the meals were ready in no longer than 40 minutes.

What we didn’t like about the service

There was very little to complain about overall. As we stated one of the meals wasn’t particularly tasty, but it was certainly edible!

Final review and product summary

Overall, Gousto is a must try, particularly if you find yourself wishing you had an extra 30 minutes after work to do whatever you wish as opposed to having to go into the shop.

As a little bonus, you can get 55% OFF your first order with Gousto when you click the link below and enter SAVE55NOW when you make your first purchase.