Review: Chad Valley Playtime app

Chad Valley Playtime

The Chad Valley Playtime app is a fun and interactive FREE app with stories, games, jigsaws and a musical keyboard. It’s great for keeping your child entertained whilst also building hand-eye coordination, reading, listening and matching skills – both on-the-go and at home.

Who is it for?

Children between three and six years old.

Key features

  • Storytime – an animated storybook that includes a ‘Read To Me’ functionality
  • Create & Colour – colouring pages for kids to decorate with colours and stampers
  • Jigsaw Puzzles – puzzles with 4 to 13 pieces for children of varying ages
  • Play Along Keyboard – a touch-and-play keyboard for children to learn to play nursery rhymes

What I liked about the product

Well firstly, I liked that is was free, which is always a winner in my eyes as my children’s demands for new games on my iPad is getting expensive.

chad valley playtime appMy daughter who is three years old jumped up and down with a huge smile when I told her I had a new story with jungle animals. She swiped the iPad off of me before I even had a chance to explain what to do.

After pressing on the option to have the story read to her, she spotted the monkey and demanded to wear her furry monkey suit. Of course, I obliged and settled on the sofa to show her how to use the app.

Her favourites were the stories and the mix ‘n’ match game. My son, who is five and a half, loved the jigsaw and was so quick at working it all out.

Both of them really enjoyed exploring the app and actually sat together a few times to play it alongside one another.

What I didn’t like

On the first load of the app, when pressing the ‘Read To Me’ option for the story it didn’t work, which led to a lot of frustration for my three year-old. This happened a few times and I needed to delete the app and download it again before it worked properly.

My daughter kept pressing the ‘Barnyard Chase’ story that had to be purchased. This confused me as I was under the impression that you got two games and two stories with the free version.

Would I recommend this product?

Chad valley Phoebe reviewI would definitely recommend this app for the earlier age bracket of three years old as they are less expectant than a five or six year-old, whose learning, ability and need for quick and new stimulation is at a different level.

The help screen for parents was really useful and it’s great to see a lot of thought has gone into supporting the parent through the app to get the most out of it for their children.

Check out Phoebe’s little pink monkey ears!

Is it good value for money?

The Chad Valley Playtime app is free which is great and you can test how much your children use it before deciding to buy the add-ons.

Where to purchase this product

You can download this app for free on iTunes.

Rating out of five