Review: Early Learning Centre letter lion

ELC letter lion

Combine learning and fun with this soft toy with 26 ‘alphabet pockets’ with individual toys in them to help children learn their letters. The lion can be zipped up to store or cuddle and unzipped and hung on the wall.

Key features of the product

A soft fleece toy lion, it unzips to reveal pockets for all the letters of the alphabet, with correspondending small soft toys and finger puppets in each, some of which have squeakers and crunkly bits for added fun. The lion has two tabs so you can hang it on a door and there is a height chart down the side to keep track of your toddler’s growth.

What I liked about the product

It’s really well made and very charming! Each letter toy and finger puppet was beautiful – and getting them out of the pockets for the first time to see what was in each was really fun, for me as well as for Claudie.

The lion and all its contents zip very neatly up into a big soft toy with a sturdy zip, so it’s easily stored – although it looks so good and makes such a great addition to a bedroom that you’d want to hang it up for sure – especially with the handy height chart as well.

What I didn’t like

The toy’s joy is also it’s downside – with so many small parts to it, I could tell that it wasn’t going to stay complete for long. And yes, within ten minutes letters E, I and K had disappeared to the place where small toys go, never to be seen again.

Also, some of the items in the pockets are an odd choice for teaching first letters ‘ A is for ambulance’ for example – rather than ‘A is for apple’, and some of them even I had trouble working out (‘a skeleton for ‘X’ray’) which, while not a big problem, could have been better thought through in the design.

Hanging him up, even as low as as I could without the lion’s end being on the floor on it, meant that Claudie – who is tall for her age – still couldn’t reach the letters at the top/beginning of the alphabet. Either I had to get them out for her, which defeated the purpose of the object, or lay the lion on the floor – which is what we ended up doing.

Is it good value for money?

Yes, at £20 it’s a really study, well-made toy with good educational potential for young children

Where to purchase this product?

Mothercare is currently selling this ELC Letter Lion.


4 out of 5