Review: Liberty wrap sling

Liberty wrap sling

Keep your baby close to you while you walk around hands-free with the Liberty Wrap Sling, suitable for babies up to three years old (35lbs).

Key features of the product

Babies like being carried close to mum or dad when they are upset. The Liberty Wrap Sling is a long piece of stretchy cotton material that when wrapped in a certain way around the body, transforms into a handy and comfortable “do-it-yourself” baby carrier. Babies can sit facing inwards or outwards once they are old enough.

What I liked about the product

Once I followed the instructions and practised a bit, it was fairly easy to use and there are also video demonstrations available on YouTube.

I have a traditional baby carrier with straps and clips and buckles that is quite sturdy but it distributes all the baby’s weight in a concentrated area around the shoulder straps which can hurt after a short while.

So what I loved about the Liberty Wrap Sling is that it’s kind of like wearing a baby in a tight t-shirt – the weight of the baby is spread evenly across my shoulders, upper arms and back.  I was pleasantly surprised that I could carry my baby around in this wrap with minimal back and shoulder pain. It feels really comfortable to wear compared to my traditional baby carrier and for me this is its biggest selling point.

I also like that it rolls up so that its quite easily carried around – I keep it under my pram and have found it particularly useful for when I’m out shopping and my baby won’t stop crying as I’ve mastered the ability to quickly put the wrap on and place her in it and carry around comfortably while I push the empty pram.

This usually does the trick of keeping her calm and happy long enough for me to finish the shopping while allowing my hands to be free! I also use it in this way to get things done around the house when my little one is crying and just wants to be carried or cuddled. For the most part she seems comfortable in it and has fallen asleep in it a few times.

What I didn’t like

Compared to the sturdy traditional baby carriers I found it to be quite flimsy for long journeys, so I tend to only use it if I’m not travelling with my child too far on foot. Also it did not provide any head support for her (especially when sleeping) so I find myself having to hold her head up with one hand whenever I see it flopping.

My baby often seems to lean to one side when in it and because the material has quite a bit of give she can end up in quite an awkward side-leaning position. Sometimes and when this happens I definitely feel the need to keep her guarded with one hand to be absolutely sure she can’t fall out the top of it. It can also be tricky to get a sleeping baby unwrapped from it without waking them up!

It is a “nice-to-have” item although I would not rely on this as my only baby carrier.

The advertisement suggests you can breastfeed while wearing this but I was not able to work out how to do this easily. The advertisement also states it is suitable for babies up to three years old but I personally cannot imagine it being sturdy enough for holding such a big baby.

Is it good value for money?

It is effectively a very long piece of material, so I thought for what it was it was overpriced and it did not come with a free postage option on Amazon which was a shame.

Where to purchase this product?

Amazon sells the Liberty Wrap Sling in grey and black for £24.95 and £3.99 delivery.

Rating out of five?

3.5/5 (the majorityof the markdown was due to the cost)