Review: Moxie Girlz 3D Art-Titude


moxie girlz 3DMoxie Girlz dolls are all about bringing out the creativity of your little ones! Girls can colour the doll’s clothing and accessories to give them their very own fashion fingerprint.

Key features

The Moxie Girlz 3D Art-Titude comes with an outfit and 3D glasses that you can colour yourself with the two colour markers provided.

What I liked about the product

Evelyn: The 3D glasses come in plain card with designs that can be coloured in. These, plus the fact that the kids were allowed to draw on the doll’s clothes were definitely what made the product different and interesting!

The colour can be washed out of the clothes (but not the glasses!) so it’s great that the fun can be repeated!

My kids kept busy with the glasses long after trying out the drawing and viewing for the doll.

I’d buy this as a birthday or Christmas gift for the right age-group (over 5s).

Heather: The children loved decorating the doll’s clothing and dressing her up in them, and also being able to re-decorate clothes. The glasses were good fun too.

What I didn’t like

Evelyn: The kids didn’t like waiting for the clothes to dry in-between colouring sessions.  It would have been better if an extra set of clothes was included…

Heather: It comes with only two colouring pens, which limits children’s design choices. I was also a bit concerened that the pens would leave permanent marks apart from on the specified areas of the dolls’ clothing, as  the instructions warned to cover the surface area to be used.

Is it good value for money?

Heather: Reasonable.

Eveyln: At about £15, this was a good medium-type price for what you get. I’d pay up to £20 if an extra set of clothes for the doll were included in the box.

Where to purchase this product

You can find Moxie Girlz in most toy stores, but they’re also easy to get from Amazon.

Rating out of five

Evelyn: 3.5 / 5

Heather: 4/5