Review: Niki’s Organic Balms


Niki’s Organic Balms are muti-purpose balms which are made with herbal oils and essential oils which smell wonderful, are naturally moisturising and great for your skin.

They are a blend of organic oils, essential oils and beeswax for your skin to moisturise, soften and so much more.

Their general range of balms are suitable for everyone, with the baby balm only suitable for babies six months and over.

Key features of the products

  • There are five balms to choose from: Warming Balm, Original Balm, Lavender & Chamomile Balm, Rose Balm & Baby Bottom Balm
  • The balms come in three different sizes: 10ml, 50ml and 100ml
  • All balms are made with essential oils and natural ingredients

What I liked about the product

Warming Balm

niki balmThis product smells gorgeous, is really spicy and was a wonderful treat for my freezing cold tootsies.

After I had my C-section my feet were incredibly cold all the time due to a build-up of fluid from being in bed for over two weeks recovering. This balm was such a treat – I slathered it on and breathed out a blissful sigh as it worked wonders for my poor, neglected feet.

It’s packed full of lovely ingredients such as cinnamon, sandlewood, orange, rosemary and even black pepper!

Organic Rose Balm

I had my doubts as putting a balm on your face as some moisturiser can be heavy, but this was light in texture and also had a light scent.

I use Kiehls moisturiser usually as I have really sensitive skin, so this was not only a pleasant change but definitely something I can keep in my handbag and whip out when my skin is getting dry.

It includes wonderful ingredients such as argan oil and rose otto oil.

Working in an air conditioned office on top of a three hour round trip commute can easily take its toll on your skin. Big thumbs up for this gorgeous balm!

Organic Baby Balm

I’ve not had a chance to use this one yet as it should be used on babies over six months and my little one is just over a week old. It comes in a handy little pot and I’m really looking forward to using something natural and organic on Charlie rather than the little pot of Sudocream you get in the Bounty pack!

Organic Original Balm

Love this. Oh my! It smells divine, and is all lemony and fresh. As I have to wash my hands constantly with having a new born, this balm has been a lifesaver. I’m just sad it’s in such a small little pot and will definitely be ordering in a bigger size. Vitamin E and a host of other wonderful ingredients make this balm a must-have for anyone who uses their hands a lot. Gardeners, mechanics and mummies rejoice!

My husband’s hands were dry, red and cracked from using anti-bacterial hand gel and washing his hands constantly before touching our newborn. I had to wrestle the pot from him; the balm has made an unbelievable difference to his hands and calmed down all the redness and irritation. Plus, his hands smell lovely.

The ingredients in the original balm are tea tree oil, lemon tea oil, and vitamin E. It’s great for cracked heels, chapped lips, cold sores, and athletes foot.

Organic Lavender & Chamomile Balm

As a mum with three kids under six years old, one could assume I get a lot of headaches with the noise! This balm was wonderful for calming me down. I used it to massage in to my temples when I was in the bath and the aroma was just so relaxing. I closed my eyes, took a few deep breaths and my troubles and headache just seemed to melt away.

It’s also fantastic for eczema which I got a touch of due to the freezing weather and pregnancy. I found massaging this into dry patches really helped to stop the itching and calm down the inflammation.

A must-have for any stressed out parent! I know a few of those I can tell you.

Yummy smelling ingredients such as: lavender oil, calendular oil, vitamin E and rosemary extract. It’s really fab for sleeplessness, headaches, eczema and sunburn.

What we didn’t like

If I had one negative comment it would be around the packaging only. The balms really are beautiful, effective and luxurious and I think the branding should position the product in a more enticing way.

Would we recommend this product?

Yes, definitely. It’s handy for the handbag, changing bag or bedside table. I found it really effective and it feels so much better than putting chemicals on your skin found in high street brands.

Is it good value for money?

I think it is good value for money as you need the tiniest bit, so a pot lasts a long time unless you have a husband like mine!

Where to purchase this product?

You can buy them online directly at Niki’s Balms and prices range from £4.99 – £19.99 for the three different sizes.

Rating out of five?