Review: Picnic backpack

picnic backpack review

This picnic backpack from Robert Dyas is a lightweight option for easy picnics, so you’re not scrabbling around to find those leftover plastic plates and cups in the back of the cupboard.

Key features of the product

This is a fairly compact backpack with a central insulated compartment for food, a detachable drinks cooler and a side strap for a picnic blanket.

The front pocket contains picnic equipment for a family of four – there are four plastic plates, four sets of cutlery (stainless steel with plastic handles), four plastic wine glasses, salt and pepper shakers, and a wine bottle opener.

What I liked about the product

I loved the fact that this picnic backpack is so compact and so light. The picnic equipment barely weighs a thing, which makes it easier to carry once it’s full of heavy food and drink – some other picnic hampers out there are hard to carry even when they’re empty!

The quality is good, and although we’ve only used this once it looks as though it will last. The insulated compartment is great and actually fits more than you might think at first glance.

What I didn’t like

Having a drink cooler on one side makes the bag heavier on that side, so it feels a bit off-balance. Having two drinks coolers would have been better as it also means you can easily pack a bottle of wine for the adults and juice for the kids.

Although the food compartment size is good for a simple picnic, if you’re going all out you’ll probably need to carry another bag as well. It would also have been nice to have a blanket come with the set.

Is it good value for money?

This is currently on special offer at Robert Dyas, so it’s discounted from £39.99 to £16.99. At the discounted price, I’d definitely say it’s good value for money, but I wouldn’t pay £40 for it.

Where to purchase this product

Robert Dyas stocks it both in-store and online.