Review: Reusable baby wipes

cheeky wipes

Cheeky Wipes are reusable baby wipes that help save money and don’t use harsh chemicals. You can also wash them as normal laundry.

Key features of the product

You get two boxes in the Cheeky Wipes kit: one for fresh wipes and one for mucky wipes. You also have a travel bag for fresh and mucky wipes. Inside the kit is also some essentials oils that you mix in the water inside the box.

What I liked about the product

I loved the idea of using something more natural on my children’s botties; although I buy good quality wipes, I always feel guilty at throwing them in the bin, adding to landfill. I also liked the idea of not having the hassle of running out – I hate that moment when I am down to the last disposable wipe and my daughter calls out that she’s “done a poo mummy”.

The oils smell gorgeous and it’s nice to know something natural is being used and that you have control of how much you put in the water.

What I didn’t like

You really have to get used to using them, so the system takes a bit of re-programming on your side, not to reach for wipes when you go shopping. Also, I did find the instructions a bit confusing as there were so many elements to the kit.

My mucky wipe box unfortunately broke – for some reason the hinges snapped. I think this was due to my heavy handedness and rush in the middle of changing a wriggling toddler.

Is it good value for money?

At £39.99 it sounds like a lot of money, but when you consider that baby wipes cost anywhere between £1 and £3 then actually you can see how quickly you get a return on your outlay. I used the wipes like little flannels for their sticky hands and mucky faces too, so in that regards, it really worked out as value for money.

Where to purchase this product?

You can buy this product at

Rating out of five?

4 out of 5 for me.