Review: Shaken Udder milkshake


Four delicious milkshake flavours that are free from artificial flavourings and unpleasant things like modified maize starch etc. They come in a perfect ‘packed lunch’ sized bottle for any budding milkshake enthusiast.

My three year-old daughter and I squabbled over who was having the last bit of milkshake. She won

Suitable for all the family and any milkshake lover. Reviewed by Gemma Johnson and the MyFamilyClub team.

Key features of the product

  • Four flavours: Top Banana,  Chocolush, Vanillalicious & Strawberry Stash
  • All milkshakes are less than 5% fat, are gluten free and suitable for vegetarians
  • Recyclable bottle

What I liked about the product…

Milkshakes were handed out to thirsty MyFamilyClub staff and I took two bottles home for the kids to ‘road test’ them on some fussy palates. After finding a surprise Chocolush one in his lunchbox my son begged me to put one in for him every day. I found this really encouraging as I struggle to get my son to drink very much so the fact it was milk-based and had no nasties in it meant I was one very happy mummy!

My three-year-old daughter also got to try one with me – the Strawberry Lush – and we squabbled over who was having the last bit. She won.

Other comments from our team in the office were as follows:

Shaken Udder milkshakesPaul Prowse – Money Writer @ MyFamilyClub
“If you like your milkshakes thick you may want to look elsewhere, but there’s no denying that Shaken Udder’s vanilla shake slips down a treat. It’s pleasantly sweet without being sickly – in fact it’s a bit like drinking melted vanilla ice cream (that’s a good thing in our book).

“It’s made from whole milk, contains real vanilla seeds and is free from the artificial colours, sweeteners and gunk you get in a lot of store-bought milkshakes. It’s a great source of calcium for the kids, and can also be used to make an excellent White Russian cocktail (that’s for the adults, obviously…) Recommended.”

Desi Reuben-Sealy – Front End Developer Genius @ MyFamilyClub
“Texture was nice, not too thick but not too runny either.  However, the flavour was a little plain and I wanted more banana taste so it felt a bit like having a vanilla milkshake with banana essence – but otherwise great.”

Ritwik Deo – Deals Whizz @ MyFamilyClub
“I tried the all-natural all-British 330ml Shaken Udder chocolate milkshake and was pleasantly surprised at what it had to offer. It is utterly rich, velvety and yet not too viscous and has a crisp nutty aftertaste.  I loved everything from the svelte shaped bottle to the friendly cow and the easy to read information on the label. The label promises real chocolate and real chocolate is what you get; the sweetness is just right.

“If I had a complaint, it would be that there wasn’t more in the bottle.”

What we didn’t like…

The only negative comment was about the Top Banana flavoured milkshake not being a banana-fest and tasting a little plain.

These were a huge hit with people big and small, young and old.

Would we recommend this product?

Most certainly. They were a huge hit with people big and small, young and old. I don’t let my children drink fizzy drinks or squash so this was a lovely alternative for them compared to their usual water or juice.

I think the packaging is really attractive and goes a long way in making you feel that it is a healthier alternative to most other milkshake products on the market.

My staff were happy in the morning to have had such a delicious treat to test.

Is it good value for money?

Yes, it’s good value for money as it is a good sized bottle and incredibly filling.

Where to purchase this product?

You can buy direct online in cases of 8, 32 or 60. A case of 8 milkshakes will cost you £14 plus £4 post & packaging.

You can also buy them separately in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Ocado & Waitrose for £1.49 per unit.

Rating out of five?