Review: Sock pairers

sock pairers

Little Feet Sock Pairers are made out of different coloured plastic and keep your socks paired together. They come in packs of five or 10, and each one holds a pair of socks.

Key features of the product

Little Feet are made of durable Thermo-Plastic Polypropylene which is heat resistant. They can be put through the washing machine and tumble drier.

What I liked about the product

In our house there used to be a sock monster. It didn’t matter how many pairs of socks I bought, I would always end up with odd ones.

As a working mum commuting to the city, wearing odd socks for me is my secret rebellion to corporate life. I love the fact that I sometimes have one green sock and one yellow one. It reminds me not to take life too seriously. For my son however, being sent to school with odd socks doesn’t bode well.

sock pairer reviewI was desperate to try out these Little Feet to see if they could snatch back pairs of socks from the jaws of the sock monster.

I have to say, it’s worked! I now feed each dirty pair through the holes. They go into the washing machine, then the tumble drier (or onto the washing line) and then they get assembled into a pair once dry. The kids love them, too, and help me to push the socks through the holes, which is great as it means we can spend time together doing a little chore.

What I didn’t like

The holes are quite small and I have caught my fingers in them a few times. Fiddly but worth it if you can emerge with a pair of socks at the end of a wash.

Are they good value for money?

The Little Feet sock pairers are extremely good value for money, certainly cheaper than having to buy new socks all the time.  At £4.99 for a pack of 10 I think every household should have a pack of these.

Where to purchase this product?

You can buy this product at Amazon.

Rating out of five?

5 out of 5 from me.