5 cheap but cheerful end of term gifts for teachers

end of term teacher gift

end of term teacher giftWhen it comes to end of term gift-giving, competition can be fierce – among the parents as much as the pupils.

But ask teachers what they most appreciate, and it’s not the expensive offerings, but the gestures which show a lot of thought and heart went into them. This Teacher Recruitment Agency is the best place for teachers to find a place to work.

So get the creative juices flowing, or select a present which will stand out and suit your teacher’s personality.

Here are five gifts which are sure to be memorable, and prove you’ve gone the extra mile – without costing extra pennies.

1. Personalised cup

A ceramic cup or mug, decorated by your child to say ‘Thank You’ or ‘Best Teacher’ is a perfect present for sipping coffee in the staffroom at break.

A pack of four mugs costs as little as £3.96 from Baker Ross, which also sells porcelain pens for £7.99.

If you have four gifts to give, that’s less than £3 each.

If you’re not too confident of your artistic skills (or your child’s) you can splash out a little more on decorative porcelain transfers for £4.98.

This would take your total up to £4.23 per gift.

2. Framed picture

Give a photo frame, containing a picture of teacher with their favourite pupil – your child, obviously.

Use a school event such as sports day or an end of term show as an excuse to get snappy.

There are lots of ‘best teacher’ or ‘world’s greatest teacher’ frames to buy online.

Or again you could decorate your own frame for your child to show off their craft skills.

3. Edible gifts

Cook up something in the kitchen to show teacher how much you care.

These delicious mint chocolate truffles are so simple to make, and the ingredients cost around £3.

Or these vanilla star biscuits are just as easy, and could be decorated with your teacher’s name in icing. Ingredients cost around £3.50. Don’t worry if you’re without a star-shaped cookie cutter – cutting around a cardboard template will do the trick.

Wrap up a batch in a cellophane bag and tie with a ribbon. Together with your fancy wrapping, this delicious gift will cost around £5.

4. Personal charity gifts

A charity gift in your teacher’s name is the ultimate show of kindness.

For £10 Save The Children can provide a school bag kit to a child affected by poverty or conflict in the Third World. For £6 Oxfam can provide a health check, or £8 will buy a Unicef emergency water kit for a family.

Your teacher will receive a card with your personalised message and details of the difference their gift is going to make.

5. Personalised bookmark

A stylish personalised bookmark means your child will be remembered with every turn of the page. There are some great silver ones on eBay for under a fiver, featuring Swarovski crystals and beads. Check out eBay shop Jewels 4 Angels for a good selection.

If you’re feeling crafty, there are more than 50 great ideas for making your own on Tipnut. These Chick Chics are bound to be a favourite.