LOVEFiLM offers: Free cinema tickets and home movies


We all work hard and need a well-earned break, and sitting down to enjoy a movie with the family or catching up on a favourite TV series is a cheap and easy way to unwind – or to keep the kids out of trouble for a while! LOVEFiLM offers a cheap movies-to-you service, plus free cinema tickets to MyFamilyClub members.

Use LOVEFiLM’s free one month trial to enjoy watching the latest family films from the comfort of your home – such as last year’s movie The Muppets and the animated kids film A Monster in Paris – as well as TV series and video games.

MyFamilyClub has also secured a special offer for all its members – if you’re new to LOVEFiLM you’ll get free cinema tickets so you can catch the latest release movies like Ice Age 4: Continental Drift, Top Cat: The Movie and Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.LoveFilm

Take a look at some of the benefits of LOVEFiLM, and how you can get your hands on FREE cinema tickets.

FREE CINEMA TICKETS offer for MyFamilyClub members
What are the benefits LOVEFiLM offers?
How does it work?
How much does it cost?
What is LOVEFiLM?

FREE CINEMA TICKETS for MyFamilyClub members

MyFamilyClub members can take advantage of a special offer. If you’re new to LOVEFiLM and you register for a free 30-day trial of its services, you’ll receive two free movie tickets that you can put towards your next family trip to the cinema.

Just follow these easy steps:

1. Become a MyFamilyClub Member for free – it’s fast and free to join, and you’ll get access to plenty of exclusive deals, discount offers and special offers!

2. Click ‘My Account’ at the very top of the screen to access your account page.

3. Go to the ‘Member Offers’ tab.

4. Click on the LOVEFiLM offer, and you’ll find the link to the exclusive offer!

Sing in or join for FREE now to access offer

What is LOVEFiLM?

LOVEFiLM is a specialist supplier of rental video content established in 2004. It has been fully owned by Amazon since 2008 and now has more than two million members. LOVEFiLM currently operates across the UK as well as in Denmark, Germany, Sweden and Norway.

What are the benefits LOVEFiLM offers?

the muppets movieLOVEFiLM offers you access to thousands of movies, TV shows and video games to play on your Smart TV, laptop or selected video games consoles. You can choose to have them posted to you on DVD, so you can watch them and return them when you’re done, or have instant access via your Smart TV.

Essentially, because LOVEFiLM operates remotely rather than from a retail shop, its costs are much lower than traditional rental stores – meaning it can pass the savings on to you. And you don’t have to leave home to choose and hire your rentals.

Other benefits LOVEFiLM offers include:

  • A free 30 day trial period
  • Many movies and TV series are available in High Definition(HD), at no extra cost
  • LOVEFiLM learns what you like and gives you recommendations
  • Access to over 70,000 titles by free first class post
  • No late fees or long term contracts, meaning you are free to cancel anytime

How does it work?

ice age 4You can choose how you want to access movies, TV shows and whether you also want to hire video games. Either list the ones you want to access, and LOVEFiLM will send them to you in order of your preferences by first class post, or you can subscribe to instant streaming using your Smart TV or computer.

How much does it cost?

After your 30 day free trial, how much your membership costs depends on which LOVEFiLM package you choose:

  • LOVEFiLM Instant is available for £4.99 per month. This simple package offers unlimited streaming of films and TV series, accessible instantly! However latest release films are generally offered on a pay-per-view basis, for a small additional charge.
  • Monster in ParisDVD rental for £5.99 per month. You can have up to three DVDs or Blu-Rays posted first class to you each month. When you’re done, simply return them free of charge using the special envelope they arrived in, and await your next arrival.
  • Have it all for just £7.99 per month. Have both unlimited instant streaming and DVDs and Blu-Rays posted to you, one at a time, for one combined price.
  • Have the works plus games from £11.22 per month: You can have all of the above and include video games for a range of game consoles. The price does climb quite quickly for this option, due to the high cost of the games. But it’s still a great way to save money given the kids, young and old, can try out games before (or instead of) forking out to buy them.