Squeeze the most out of Tesco and Boots loyalty cards

cards spelling save

cards spelling saveNowadays there are so many ways to save money. Once over you were considered “tight” when counting the pennies; now you’re considered frugal or thrifty, and it’s actually becoming fashionable.

This guide helps you get the best out of two well-known cards – the Tesco Clubcard and the Boots Advantage Card – but check the schemes offered by your favourite cards to make sure you’re using them to their full potential.

Earning loyalty card points

Tesco Clubcard:  The ongoing reward is “double points”, so you get two points for every pound spent in-store or online.  One hundred points equates to one pound.
You can also build points by using your own bags in-store or having shopping delivered without bags, when buying petrol, on Tesco mobile phone top-ups, when recycling certain items, and even on certain home energy efficiency initiatives.

Boots Advantage Card: You earn four points for every pound spent in-store or online.
You can also earn points by shopping at a number of partner stores and outlets via Treat Street, or by being a member of any of the numerous Boots clubs.

Using an Advantage Card Kiosk, found in many stores will give you access to additional vouchers and bonus points, otherwise unavailable, to boost your points.

Using your loyalty points

Tesco points are converted to vouchers for use online, in-store, on groceries, at Tesco Direct and at ClothingAtTesco, all of which can be accessed via the Tesco website.

Many people choose to use their vouchers for their face value, for example using £60 against a weekly food shop.  But you can actually increase the value of the points and vouchers by using them in the Rewards or Exchange schemes.

With the Rewards scheme you can get up to three times the value of your vouchers for use things like driving lessons, days out, train travel, jewellery or magazine subscriptions.
Exchanges are similarly good value. At intervals through the year, Tesco gives Clubcard holders the opportunity to exchange their vouchers (usually double the value) for use within certain departments in-store or online.

Boots points can be used against items in-store. They are also valid in the popular three-for-two promotions that Boots runs regularly. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way as yet to redeem your points online.

Avoid overspending to gain extra points

Retailers usually run regular promotions offering extra points if you buy certain branded products. It’s tempting to spend extra to gain those additional loyalty points, but remember that the value of those points is always lower than the cash you’ve spent unnecessarily.

The golden rule to is only buy what you need. Boosting your points may increase the rewards but this should be a money saving – not a money-spending – exercise. Watch your budget!