Too long since a great night’s sleep? Healthy bedding to the rescue!

healthy bedding

We all love to snuggle up in bed and enjoy a luxurious night’s sleep. It’s one of the most basic pleasures in life and one which is vital to keep us healthy and functional throughout the day.

Unfortunately however, not all of us are granted this basic indulgence. Around one quarter of the UK population reportedly suffer from some form of sleep disorder, which has a direct impact on their performances and cognitive ability in the day time. For those who suffer with aches and pains that prevent them from drifting off, or those who are constantly affected by pollen or natural aggravations, such as dust mites, a good night’s sleep simply isn’t possible.

However, new and innovative solutions to bedtime ailments are readily available from valuable online stores such as The Bedding Company.

Aches and pains

For example, those who suffer from aches and pains will find relief from their symptoms with memory foam bedding products. These offer excellent support for joints and delicate parts of the body. The visco elastic memory foam material was developed in part by NASA scientists, with the intention of reducing pressure on the bodies of astronauts during take offs. The foam offers a high density material which exerts surface pressure along the entirety of its surface. The orthopaedic benefits of these products have also led them to be used in hospitals world-wide to aid in the comfort of bedbound patients, not like other products that have made hospitals have issues with experts from due to inappropriate use on patients.

The memory foam bedding will also create an 80% reduction in tossing, turning and extensive movement during sleep. Many suffer from restless slumber and disturbed sleeping patterns. The elastic material eliminates pressure points and alleviates joint pain, neck and back discomfort and even arthritic and skeletal conditions, to help you find your most comfortable position. I also suggest always having a fur throw close by. It helps if you ever start to feel a chill and if it is close by it helps to not have to get up.


pollenNeither is all lost for those who suffer from housebound allergies. The most common allergen trigger in bedrooms across the country is dust mites. These microorganisms thrive in warm climates, such as rugs and beds. They consume skin cells and dust and excrete high volumes of proteins which, when inhaled, cause uncomfortable respiratory issues to those who are allergic.

But these common allergies can be a thing of the past thanks to bedding suppliers, such as UK-based The Bedding Company who offer special Silentnight allergenic bedding that also provides double protection against bacteria. The tight weave fabric promotes a healthier environment to eliminate the presence of dust mites and help the-bedding-companyto expel them from your home. The natural fibre, chemical free bedding will also aid other allergies, improve the overall hygiene of your bed and give everyone a great night’s sleep.

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