Make & do

Make & do

Free activity and craft ideas to keep the kids busy

home obstacle course

How to make a home obstacle course

If you want a bit of a relax in the summer sun with a good book and a cup of tea consider setting up...
christmas traditions

English Christmas traditions – who said old is boring?!

Out with the old in with the new… But hold fire, let’s not be too hasty! This time of year is all about seasonal...
bonfire night activities

Bonfire Night activities

Bonfire night can be an exciting time for youngsters and there are plenty of ways to get them in the spirit of this explosive...
halloween party ideas

Halloween party ideas

You could have some little friends over for Halloween and ask each to bring an idea for an activity and a little snack. Pool...

How to make a fizzy pop volcano

A bit of a science experiment now... I’m not going to go into why this works I’m just going to tell you how to...
make your own bubbles

How to make your own bubbles

Have fun in the sun and make your own bubbles for the kids to enjoy. An inexpensive and easy way to keep the children...
how to make perfume

How to make perfume from your garden

I spent many hours as a child making perfume in my Grandad’s garden. He had these big old English Roses that gave the most...
make a map

How to make a map for kids

As we get older we take our journeys for granted, we barely notice what is around us. For children however every journey is filled...
Ways tosave water around the home

How to make a watering can

Watering cans tend to be rather big and they become especially heavy for little ones when full of water! So, what better way to...
How to make a sundial

How to make a sundial

It may seem a bit old fashioned, but teaching your children how to make a sundial is a fun and educational activity and they...
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