7 Super Duper Back To School Hacks


The time has come round so fast but the Summer holidays are almost over. Parents up and down the country will be getting themselves organised for the busy, busy days ahead. Leaving everything to the last minute is certainly one way of doing it but if you don’t want to stress and chaos in the morning, it’s a good idea to plan ahead a little and get yourself well and truly organised.

Here are a few ideas to help your school days a little bit easier.

Make Ahead Breakfasts

Get ahead of yourself in the morning and prepare the breakfasts the night before. So much inspiration out there and the freezer is your friend!

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Bathroom Caddy

A great way to help each child follow a morning routine with instructions and their own mini beauty station.

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Colour At The Table

Keep the little monkey’s at the breakfast table encouraging them to stay away from toys, TV or gadgets. It’ll be a lot easier to keep their attention and willingness to get ready if they are one place and not distracted.

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Storage Stations

Create a storage station in a corner of your house and get your family ready for the busy days ahead. Keep everything in one place for a stress free start to the day.

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Homework Station

It can be a real challenge getting kids to do their homework but creating a homework station with all their supplies to make it slightly more fun having everything to hand.

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Lunchbox Inspiration

It pains many parents to pack a lunch for it only to return half eaten, the main worry being that the kids haven’t eaten enough during the day, not to mention the cost of throwing away what’s left. Sometimes kids can get stuck in a food boredom rut too and need a little surprise to keep them interested.

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Morning Encouragement

Why not start the morning with some encouraging words to each other. A beautiful way to start they day and making each other feel special and also being grateful. A few words can go a long way. Read our “64 Confidence Boosting And Encouraging Things To Say To Your Child



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