Top 10 Back to School Essentials


Get ahead of the game with these back to school essentials. Make sure you’re prepared for the new school season with all of these must-have back-to-school necessities!

Summer is winding down, and back to school time is just around the corner! I can’t believe it’s that time of year again already! If you haven’t already got yourself organised, there are some great offers to snaffle up.

Back to School Essentials

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A4 Document Pouch

Keeping a document pouch in your child’s school bag will help to keep important documents from school safe and also ensure any forms or memos from school reach you safe when your child returns home. 


Buying a new school bag for your child is often a fun experience for them, however it’s very important to consider the size, functionality and fit of the bags to ensure it is suitable for your child’s requirements. Small features such as padding and adjustable shoulder straps will provide more comfort and durability.

Fully Stocked Pencil Case

This is one item that your child can pick out themselves. With so many styles available this gives them a great opportunity to show off their personality and hobbies. Try to avoid buying over complicated items such as mechanical pencils which break easier and are often a lot more expensive than standard pencils”.

Food Containers

Investing in a good selection of different size food containers will make packing those healthy snacks a breeze and also allow your child to access them easier during the day. Reusable sandwich bags are a great alternative to disposable bags and are even dishwasher safe meaning you can save time and the environment.


A key item from the back to school essentials kit means it’s time to label. From pencils, food containers, notepads to backpacks, ensuring everything is labelled well will avoid your child coming home with missing supplies. Look for waterproof, durable labels where possible to cope with the daily wear and tear. 


Keeping a School Calendar at home will keep you all up-to-date on the school activities as well  teach your child the importance of organising and keeping track of their schedule. It’s also a great way to keep track of your child’s achievements and progress and can be used as a reference to look back on later in the year.


Whether they are in the classroom or having lunch, a small pocket sized pack of tissues will always come in handy for your child, save costs by buying in bulk to ensure your child always has available when required.


Start of the new school year with a big impression by shopping for a new pair of shoes for your child. For younger children look at for non-slip soles which will be more suitable for all that running around. For older children giving them the option to pick out a style or brand that suits them is a great way to boost their confidence and get them excited for that first day. Read our Top Tips from Podiatrists on choosing the right fit for healthy feet.


Providing your child with a selection of folders is a great way for them to keep loose bits of paper and homework safe as well as ensuring each subject is kept together and easy to find. Be sure to label them well to avoid them being misplaced.

Hooded Waterproof Jacket

Make sure your kids are well prepared for the different seasons with a good quality waterproof jacket for boys and girls. Look for one which is breathable and with a good size hood to give the best protection from the rain.

Save Costs:

  • Be sure to check on what can be used from the previous school year before spending. Many items such as stationary, food containers and clothing can be reused and will help to cut costs.
  • Buy in bulk during the sales whenever possible for the best savings. Anything left over can always be used at Christmas to top up the stockings.

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