10 Hilarious Roller Coaster Freak-Outs


Roller coasters, what can we say? we have a love/hate relationship with them. We love the feeling when we get off and we’re still in one piece but by golly, do we hate the anticipation standing in the queue, getting buckled in and realising we can’t get out and then the entire ride we just wish it would end. Do we still go back for more? You betcha!!!


1. Ermahgerd!!!

Image source: blog.swagbucks.com

2. Hells bells, hold it in baby girl!

Hold it in
Image source: blog.piktureplanet.com

3. I can’t look, I can’t look. Don’t make me look!

I can't look
Image source: www.youtube.com

4. Mammaaaaaaa

Image souce: www.huffingtonpost.com

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10. Catching flies

Catching flies
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