21 Year-Old With 10 Kids Insults Judge And Gets A Tongue Lashing


Oh how we laughed, shook our head and held it in our hands. What a naughty, cheeky man! AKA ‘Fresh Mouth’, as the Judge calls him!.

On an episode of Judge Judy, he’s asked “Why do you have 10 children” to which he replies “I love kids”. Hah! I love kids too but 10 kids? WTH!!!!

The guy goes on to confirm that his children range from ages 5 years old to 3 years old. Crikey, he’s been a busy boy!

Clearly complacent and in a defensive mode, Mr Fresh Mouth goes straight for Judge Judy’s jugular by telling her “I’ve 10 kids with erm, about four women, erm including your daughter”. It’s fair to say by her reaction, she is not impressed by his wise crack and you can hear the audible sigh from the audience.

Untitled-1Ol’ Fresh Mouth retorts “This may be your show, but this is my episode”. Then he gets tongue lashed.

Commenters had rather a lot to say;

“She should have thrown in a vasectomy for Mr Pinche”

“Wait.. 10 kids between the ages of 3 and 5 from four women. Just barely biologically possible… but at his young age, gotta be a pregnant fetish”.


“Why didn’t she ask the obvious question…..how they hell do you pay for 10 kids?”

21 years old with 10 kids…my oh my, wonders will never cease!