5 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home on a Budget


Thinking of doing up your home this spring? We asked interior expert Rebecca Snowden at Furniture Choice for her advice on how to cheer up a room without breaking the bank. You’ll be amazed by how easily and you can transform your home from drab to fab with these simple tips!

1) Replace the handles


Cheer up a tired looking kitchen unit, cupboard or door by simply replacing the handles. Try replacing your tatty old door handle, with a beautiful new brass one. Replacing wooden kitchen unit handles with chrome or glass ones can bring a fresh, modern look to the kitchen. A great way of keeping up with trends without breaking the bank.


2) Have a good clear out


It’s an easy habit to fall into but try not to leave too many things lying around. Tidying things away will stop your room feeling cramped and cluttered. If it’s a small room make a rule that only furniture is allowed to live on the floor, and don’t put out too many knick-knacks. In the bedroom, maximise space by opting for a divan base with drawers. This is both space saving and money saving as you don’t need to buy separate storage.

3) Curtains and Blinds

You can transform a room just by replacing the curtains. Don’t let them block out precious light during the day; use a pole wide enough so that they don’t block the side of the windows. To further cut costs consider making your own, but don’t worry about lining them – if you team them with a blind not only does this create a chic, sophisticated look it’s also kind to your wallet as you can buy roller blinds for around £15-20. As a bonus, any leftover fabric can be used for cushions or a table runner.

4) Re-cover your chair seat pads if they’re tatty


If your dining chairs have seen better days consider re-covering the seat pads. The seat pads are usually the first part to show wear and it’s costly to change the whole set. Many of them will unscrew from the frame and all it takes is some new fabric and a staple gun to completely transform your chairs! If you do need to change the set consider investing in solid wood as this will last much longer and you can simply replace the seat pads in the future.


Image source: www.vissbiz.com

5) Create a feature wall


Wallpaper can be very expensive compared to paint and difficult to both hang and remove. Instead of wallpapering the entire room consider just papering one wall and picking out a colour from the wallpaper to paint the rest of the room. Paint is much cheaper than wallpaper, as well as being easier to do yourself, and you can afford to spend a little more on the paper if you only need one roll!

Image source: designyourhouses.com