5 reasons to use a supermarket shopping list

shopping lists

shopping lists It is official. We are organised after all. In a survey by Sainsbury’s 90% of us use a supermarket shopping list, 37% use a meal planner and 28% take packed lunches to work.

So, no more wandering about in the supermarket shopping aisles aimlessly, overspending on things we don’t really need!

We’re huge fans of having a supermarket shopping list at MyFamilyClub. Our money saving expert, Neil Faulkner, calls a list the ‘most powerful money-saving shopping weapon’. Why? A shopping list not only saves you money but also keeps you focused as you’re not overwhelmed by the sheer number of options tempting you in the shopping aisles. It puts you in the driving seat and in control.

Why we love shopping lists

Follow our tips and you could be a shopping list superstar:

  • If you know what you’re buying, you can make sure you get the best prices.  Compare grocery prices so you know where to buy your essentials before you go out. Use our Best Buys table to find the cheapest prices each week.
  • Use a list to be more organised with money-off coupons. Make a kitchen folder with all the coupons and vouchers for you weekly shop so that they are handy when you go out for that grocery run. A list will help you know what you’re prepared to buy in bulk.
  • If you’re flexible you could find good value multibuys and save yourself some money – just be wary of misleading multibuy deals!
  • Plan your weekly meals and write your supermarket shopping list based on your meal plan. This will not only save you money, but also ensure that you think about what your family eats! These family meal planners are a great place to start.
  • Save by avoiding impulse purchases, especially for foods you don’t need. Stick to your list. If it isn’t on your list, you probably don’t need it.