6 ‘Revenge’ Kids Toys That Will Drive Parents Absolutely Insane


Christmas is in the books for another year and hopefully it was another great day for the whole family! No doubt Santa brought only the finest toys and treats for the kids, and they’re probably still buzzing with excitement from the prezzies.

However, in amongst all the lovely gifts there may have been a few toys that you kind of wish your kids didn’t receive. We’re talking about the noisiest, loudest, most absurbdly irritating prezzies!

We decided to give you a few options for the coming year of presents that would return the favour to those friends and family members who kindly provided your kids with the torturous toys that have brought hours of pain to your ears!

Check these out! Some of the most irritating toys we could find:

1. Bop It!


2. Furby


3. Electric piano keyboard


4. Drum kit


5. Voice distorter


6. Nerf Gun


What’s the most annoying, noisy, or irritating your kids got this year? Have any of them been thrown out the window already?