8 Month Pregnant Woman Enters Pole Dancing Competition


Kat Bailey who is 7 and a half months pregnant and competed in the Pole Theatre UK’s Semi Pro & Pro pole dancing competition in Hatfield at the weekend. Kat and her dance partner Danielle Hayes dressed up as old ladies before disrobing and showing some pretty incredible pole tricks despite being nearly 8 months pregnant.

Kat’s performance is nothing shy of amazing and she likens pole dancing with a baby in her tummy as like ‘weight training’. Kat who teaches pole dancing 7 nights a week despite being pregnant said after her performance which drew huge cheers from the crowd “I’d love to think that I could be an inspiration – I don’t know if I will be. It would be great if I could inspire someone that would make me super-happy.”

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The video has drawn quite a lot of negative comments from people mainly concerned for the baby.

What are your thoughts?