9 Cheap Beauty Hacks With Vaseline


Beauty hacks for the busy mum…

Vintage Vaseline Ad
Via: Flickr

As old as we can remember, Vaseline otherwise known as petroleum jelly has been around for donkey’s years.

When it comes to money saving tips and beauty tips it seems ‘Granny’ really does know best.

Did you know the first Vaseline factory was opened in 1870!

It’s such an iconic brand that spans generations and generations, it’s been repackaged to the modern day and now comes in all sorts of flavours such as Cocoa Butter, Rose and Aloe Vera.

Ready to get your grease on?

  1. Eye Lashes
    Condition those lashes to make them lustrous and long with a dab of Vaseline.
  2. Perfume
    Give your perfume some longevity by rubbing on a tiny bit of Vaseline to the place you want to spray.
  3. Elbows
    Elbows and heels are the perfect place for a gentle rub of Vaseline, these two areas always seem to come last inĀ self care.
  4. Make-Up
    Remove stubborn make-up with some Vaseline and a cotton wool ball.
  5. Earrings
    Make guiding your earrings in a whole lot easier, rub a little Vaseline onto the pin and voila!
  6. Hair Dye
    If you colour your hair at home, rub a bit of Vaseline into your hairline to stop it from staining.
  7. Nail Polish
    Lid too tight? then rub some Vaseline on it before you close it and it’ll never stick again.
  8. Eyebrows
    Unruly eyebrows? apply a small bit of Vaseline to your eyebrows and then brush them into place.
  9. Lips
    Achieve mega kissable lips by mixing some Vaseline and sugar together and use as a gentle rub.