91% vouch for vouchers: Are you one of them?


vouchersOver 90% of those earning between £10-17k a year use vouchers frequently, according to a new survey. Predictable? Hang on until your hear the rest of the findings…

Here’s where it gets more surprising: people earning £60,000 and over accounted for a fifth of discount voucher purchases, found the survey by VoucherCodesPro. What’s more, around three in four of the relatively ‘well-off’ are using vouchers for the very first time this Christmas.

The truth is that money-saving bargain hunting has become an all British sport… And we are all getting pretty good at it.

Let’s take a look at why vouchers have become so popular and what to look out for when shopping for the best deals and discounts.

Why do vouchers make sense?

Vouchers help ease the skyrocketing 3 Fs: Fuel, Food and Fares. Everyone is feeling the squeeze of falling disposable incomes. The result? We’re all getting street-smarter by the day.

Vouchers and coupons can save us a lot and the best thing is that they cover almost all shopping categories. Have a wander around our own voucher page and you’ll see how many vouchers you can find for all sorts of retailers and products.  There is plenty of choice on tap, and it’s always changing.

Tie in this enthusiasm for vouchers with the fact that the British are amongst the most dedicated online shoppers in the world, and we have a winning combination. There’s every chance that shoppers across the nation are saving tonnes of cash using these online discounts.

Christmas is especially popular for voucher hunters – if you’ve saved on your Christmas shopping with vouchers this year, we’d love to hear your story – email [email protected]

If you haven’t used vouchers before, now’s the time to start! Here’s how.

1. Make vouchers a habit

Build a list of trusted voucher sites and bookmark them. 90% of us use a shopping list. When making a list, go through your bookmarked discount sites and look for offers on your items of purchases.

2. Get your supermarket discounts

Supermarkets routinely use online discount vouchers for first time shoppers. These are great if you don’t mind paying a little extra for delivery (although some supermarkets often offer free delivery for first time customers). Stay updated with the latest supermarket vouchers with our Best Buys – this tracks best prices for essential family supermarket buys each week, and also lists all available vouchers.

3. Don’t buy impulsively

Just because there is a good bargain doesn’t mean you should leap at it – just because something says it is an offer doesn’t mean it is. Be street smart and check the price against other retailers.

4. Use mix and match deals

Sometimes you can find combination deals that save you money on several items at once. For example, when booking train tickets you might have noticed 2for1 offers or cheap dining deals. Use them!

5. Save every time you shop

Use MyFamilyClub’s Savings Pack and you’ll save up to 10% at major high street retailers every time you shop for a full year. As an added bonus, you’ll get access to family restaurant vouchers that give you discounts like 20% off your bill, or ‘kids eat free’. Find out more.