Awesome Stress Relieving Dogs Help Settle Anxious Passengers At Airport

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We had heard stories of dogs being used for stress relieving purposes before but this morning we read that they are actually being used by Sacramento Airport to ease the nerves of passengers awaiting their flights.

The Boarding Area Relaxation Corps (BARC) are teams of dogs and dog owners who volunteer at airports by patrolling the boarding gates in search of some passengers who are nervous or anxious about the flight ahead, they use emotional support dogs in the USA to hep them out.

According to sources, there are approximately 30 airports which currently support and incorporate BARC into their terminals. Dogs are known to be ‘natural therapists’ and can help calm people with anxiety.

Check out this short clip of a BARC team hard at work, bringing smiles and happiness to everyone in what can often be a gloomy, dull place!

How fantastic is that?

Dogs really can bring a smile to your face no matter what mood you’re in! That’s why they’re so effective in airports where you often find a lot of stressed, anxious individuals in a claustrophobic atmosphere.

News of the stress relieving pups spread to Reddit, where as always there were a series of insightful, and hilarious comments!

[–]Sayoshinn: “Such comfort. Much relax. So relief.”

[–]insignificantsecret: “As a frequent flyer I see this popping up more and more. Even just seeing these little guys trotting around looking for pets cheers me up.”

However, there still managed to be someone who couldn’t resist being sceptical about the whole idea…

[–]philmond: “This is a great way to get sniffer dogs up close to people…”

For the most part, it could certainly be argued that these stress relieving canines could help people out in more places than just the airport, so well done to the BARC team for all their work.

Do you suffer from anxiety or are you nervous of flying? Do you think these awesome dogs could help calm you before your flight? Let us know what your thoughts are!

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