Beware the supermarket multibuy deal!

Supermarket multibuy deals

Supermarket multibuy dealsNext time you’re wandering the supermarket aisles and your eye gets caught by the bright multibuy deal labels, be careful – those ‘special offers’ can sometimes end up costing you more money, not less!

Researchers from Which? compared the price of over 100 popular products at Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Ocado and Waitrose over 12 months. Not only did they find that many of the money-saving multibuy deals didn’t save you money – around one in 10 products actually cost more when they were included in such deals.

In some cases, the price even doubled.

For example they found Asda selling a £1 Goodfella’s pizza at £4.50 for two – more than doubling their price. In another instance, they found that packets of sweets costing 34p each being advertised as four packets for £3 – so costing the customer an extra £1.64 in total.

Is it time to say bog off to BOGOFs?

Pretty much all supermarkets they surveyed were found guilty of these types of deals. The fact is, supermarkets can be crafty operators. They want to get you to spend as much as possible, and they have lots of sneaky ways to get you to part with your hard-earned cash.

For instance they often put the more expensive products on the middle shelves (that are near your eye-level) and put the cheaper brands on the harder to see lower shelves.

And have you ever wondered why daily staples like bread and milk are often placed at the back of the store, rather than the front? It’s because when you just need to pop in for a pint of milk it forces you to walk by all the other goodies on display (“Hmm, those biscuits look nice…”)

Beat the supermarkets at their own game

Luckily as a supermarket customer you’re not powerless.

Firstly (and most obviously) don’t take deals at face value – go in with your eyes open.

Secondly, use our weekly price checker feature. It’s updated every week to show you where it’s cheapest to buy all your essentials.

Thirdly, have a look at these 10 tips to get the best buy on your supermarket shop and beat them at their own game.

And remember – while supermarkets can be crafty when it comes to multibuy deals, they can also be stupid. Have a gander at some of the ‘bargains’ below.

Still, every little helps. Even when, er, it doesn’t:


















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