Creative Ways To Save Money For Your Holiday


If you’re like most parents, you’ll be worried about the looming cost of the summer holidays. Using your credit card for your holidays can increase the cost by a few hundred pounds. One way to fund your family holidays is to save money by cutting back on your household spending. Here are some creative ways to help you save some extra money for your summer holidays.

Food Bills


A food waste report shows that UK families throw away 4.2 million tonnes of food and drink every year: the equivalent of 24 meals a month. Making a few changes to your shopping habits can save you hundreds of pounds over just a few months. Check your cupboard, fridge and freezer so that you don’t buy food you already have. Plan your meals, write a shopping list, and set an amount of money each week for groceries.

Buy supermarket own-label goods which, in many instances, actually taste as good as branded ones. Use supermarket loyalty cards to collect points for items you purchase in store too, as they can be turned into money off your next shop.

Energy Bills

Households can save hundreds of pounds if they switch energy suppliers. First, find out how much gas and electricity you use, as well as the current tariff you’re on. If you aren’t happy with the amount you’re paying, move to a different deal, or switch to another supplier. Use comparison websites to shop around for the cheapest price. Some energy suppliers offer dual fuel schemes, meaning you can save money if you buy both gas and electricity from one supplier.


Similar to energy costs, shop around for best deals for cheap broadband. Call your current provider to ask about your usage, and check whether you’re on the best package. If they’re not giving you their best deal, consider switching your supplier. When comparing deals, make sure you know your current usage, the broadband speed and the usage limit you need. If you’re thinking about switching your home phone at the same time, get a bundled deal from the same company.


Leave your car at home to save money on fuel costs, and try walking, jogging or cycling to work instead. Taking the bus or train can also save significant amount of money too, so buy a season card if you travel regularly. You can also purchase train tickets three months before your trip, when prices will be cheaper. If you prefer to commute by car, consider carpooling to share your journey cost with others travelling on the same route. You can use on-line services to match your journey with others.

When you’re planning your next family holiday, it’s wise to put together a budget to give an accurate estimate of how much you need to save, and how long you need to save for. These money-saving tips will help you reach your goal of a credit-free holiday