Disney Store ‘Share in the Magic’ charity appeal

share in the magic

We were invited down to the Disney store in Oxford Street for the ‘Share in the Magic’ charity appeal which donates presents to children’s charities across the UK.

It’s a beautiful campaign by Disney and a thoroughly enjoyable experience with helpful, kind and fun staff – a must-do experience for the whole family.

Each guest writes a letter to Santa and posts it into Mickey’s Magic Post-Box. The London store has partnered up with Great Ormond Street Hospital and is donating a soft toy for each letter.

Share the magicTeddy and Phoebe met me straight after work and very rarely come into London as we live out in Buckinghamshire. They were totally dazzled by the beautiful Christmas lights and of course, I didn’t breathe a work about what the surprise was.

Phoebe was four in November and turned up in her brand new Minnie Mouse jumper that she just happened to put on that morning. When she saw the Disney store, she could hardly speak – she was in total awe.

We got a wonderful welcome and were taken around the store, the kids ran around in all directions, squealing and touching everything they could get their little mitts on.

Once they had calmed down ever so slightly, the “Write a letter to Santa” activity began.

All the children were ushered around a table with a log fire projected onto the wall behind them (it was very cosy).

They were then encouraged by extremely bouncy and helpful store staff to write a letter to Santa, seal it with a sticker and line up to post it into Mickey’s Magic Post-Box.

Watching them write their letters was just gorgeous. It was so lovely to see the children so engaged and interacting with each other.

disney letterOnce posted, they tried on some Mickey Santa Hats and were called over for activity number two – Monster School. Oh my word! What can I say but ‘loud, loud, loud!’ The kids LOVED it! They all sat in a row whilst Monsters University played on the screen behind.

There were a range of tasks the kids had to do such as take part in the “Scare Class” where they learned how to act like Aunt Phyllis the zombie, Angry Poodle or a Jazz Clown.

Or they could pretend to wake up in the morning by being all lazy (which suited my two actually as they are so sleepy in the mornings).

Then came the Scare School where they had to roar and scream as loud as possible. My ears were practically bleeding by the end of the session, but the kids were in their element.

After the activities finished, they were both handed a certificate and a little goody bag. It’s been a long time since I have seen my children so enthralled and engaged in the middle of a toy store before; they didn’t even ask me for anything on our way out.

Postbox DisneyThe Oxford Street store is open until 11pm and the activities carry on all the way up until Christmas Eve.

I think this is a brilliant initiative to get children across the country to take part in the magic of Christmas whilst giving something back to children who are seriously ill.

It’s a beautiful campaign by Disney and a thoroughly enjoyable experience with helpful, kind and fun staff – a must-do experience for the whole family.

For the last five years, Disney Store has helped thousands of children at Christmas by donating soft toys through the ‘Share in the Magic’ campaign, working in partnership with local charities in the UK and Europe.

The nationwide campaign invites families to post their own Letter to Santa in store and online and for every letter posted, Disney Store will donate a soft toy to a variety of local children’s charities and Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity.

Please help support this wonderful campaign. It’s totally free to post the letter, the kids will love it and other children will get a little present on Christmas day thanks to your efforts.