Ever Wondered Why 4-5 Year Olds Naturally Skip All The Time?


You’ve probably noticed that cute little skip that children do and not thought much of it other than they must be happy but apparently it’s most likely down to the fact that skipping is more efficient and less tiring than walking or running on their little bodies. Fascinating!

A recent thread on reddit linking to the research has users commenting like crazy, some of which are very funny:

dankmoms: – Can confirm, my 5 yo ******** skips everywhere. It’s like shopping with Tigger.

wdalphin:-Was just at a fun park with my six year old this past weekend and she was skipping relentlessly, even at times where she seemed to not be happy and excited. We rode a scary mine car ride and she cried, then got out of the cart at the end and skipped away, seemingly like nothing had happened. Now I know it was the most efficient way for her to escape.

TRUMPIZARD:- In college I would get very drunk and skip back to my dorm from the bar. It was a few miles and skipping was by far the most efficient way to move.

eekozoid:-31 and never stopped skipping. Just stopped doing it when other people are around. I’m a closet skipper.

formerfatboys:-My co-worker and I often skip to the train on days when we’re running late. It’s not as exhausting or sweat inducing as running and it’s fun. People give us funny looks, but….that’s just another benefit.

hesapmakinesi:- I was always skipping until my early 20 when my then girlfriend shamed me into walking “like a normal person”.

CmonAndro:- Holy shit I remember skipping as a little kid for this exact reason and even telling my brother not to run but to skip because you won’t get tired. There was a time I would always skip instead of running.

I remember, also, being disappointed when, as an older kid, finding that skipping was no longer magically not tiring, and thinking I must have been imagining things.