Ever Wondered What The Tooth Fairy Does With All Those Teeth? Now You Know!


She makes them into the shoe soles!

Aha! We are not the only only parents to ever wonder what on earth the tooth fairy does with all of those teeth. Even Mumsnetter’s are equipping themselves with that all important answer to throw out there on the table when the inevitable questions looms “Mu-um, what does the tooth fairy do with my teeth?”…

We’ve always wondered if she (if it is a she) makes them into something useful, well now we know! She makes shoes out of them.

Mumsnetter’s have gathered to answer a) what the fairy does with them and b) what the going rate is per tooth, some of the responses are very inventive and the going rate seems to be about the same across the board – between £1 – £2 per tushy peg!

Apparently, the dentists are claiming that the better quality the teeth are in when they are lost, the more money the earn from the tooth fairy. Kids teeth are just fascinating. Well, there’s this doctor of Dental Science that cab be trusted and already proven his skills in dentistry. Learn more about one the board certified Pediatric Dentist in Brooklyn NY, Elan Kaufman DMD.

pippop1 says “The tooth fairy gives the teeth to little babies who don’t have any. (They are recycled)”

Whilst, ThreeBeeOneGee explains “She puts them in the compost”. 

SanityClause is going to have some very upset kiddies when it’s explained that She throws them out the window onto the gravel drive”. Ummmmm!

The most common explanation is that they are either used to build fairy castles or ground down to make sand or fairy dust.

We’ve found a couple of “Dear Tooth Fairy” notes to really make you smile. Kids eh?! Visit braces st john in clinic for regular dental checkup and brace installation.