Five years of worries about money?

money worries

Feeling like you’re constantly worrying about something? You’re not alone, as new research reveals that we spend the equivalent of five years fretting.

That’s two hours a day worrying about big issues such as money, debt, and job security.

Money is a huge cause of stress and worry

A third of us in relationships have a big worry we hide from our partner – and it’s frequently a financial worry.

The survey, commissioned by Benenden Health, found that average person spends about 14 hours a week anxious and worried.

Paul Keenan of Benenden Health said: “It is a sad reality that stress is dominating our lives and having a severe impact on our work life, our quality of sleep and our personal relationships.

“The crunch comes when it begins to have a detrimental impact on our health – and 45% admit stress is already doing this.”

Top 10 worries:

  1. Stomach/being overweight
  2. Getting old
  3. Lack of savings / financial future
  4. Overall fitness
  5. Overdrafts and loans
  6. Low energy levels
  7. Credit card debt
  8. Paying rent/mortgage
  9. Job security
  10. Diet


So what’s the solution to all this worry and stress?

Facing up to the reality of money issues is the first step. Don’t bury your head in the sand – if you need help, get advice.

Help is always on hand

It’s all too easy to try and run away from debt, or to put off arranging your budget and savings. More than one in ten of us have bills, statements and letters they we’re yet to open, or attempt to hide away from as we’re too scared to read them.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to sort out your finances. Start with a quick and easy budget plan, take the first step to clearing your debt and feel a weight lifted from your shoulders.

Why spend 125 days worrying when you could be enjoying fun and quality time with the family? Whatever your money worries – whether it’s how to save on the weekly shop, finding the best weight loss plan, or wondering whether you can make some extra money from home – remember there’s always help and advice on hand.