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Gemma JohnsonGemma Johnson from MyFamilyClub and Jane Hopkins from MumsClub have created the very first campaign to help mums promote their businesses online without spending a fortune. Gemma explains how it all came about…

It’s been a rollercoaster journey since I met Jane Hopkins of MumsClub back in 2007. I had just had my first child and was in the process of launching the business that has now become MyFamilyClub.

I was living out in a tiny hamlet of around eight houses in Buckinghamshire and was recovering from an emergency caesarean, so not only was I isolated but also mentally and physically recovering from the shock of surgery, the demands of a new-born baby and a business that I was pushing hard at the beginning of a recession.

Before this, I had been living in London alone, working in central London and generally living the high life. I already had another business making tailored suits and could be found networking and rubbing shoulders with a lot of the entrepreneurs that are now operating very successful companies.

Supporting mums in business

Being thrown into a whole new situation out in the countryside with a baby and another business was a total shock. No longer did I have the opportunity to network socially and meet people, so I started to look online for support groups. I didn’t have a clue what I was looking for but I knew there must be a group of people somewhere who were going through a similar process to myself – and sure enough, I found MumsClub.

Jane Hopkins with JamieMeeting Jane had a huge impact on me and there were many days and nights when Jane would encourage me to keep going. When I met Jane I was in the process of raising funding for my business due to being let down by a previous promise of investment. Jane – I’m sure! – thought I was crazy, but she was always on hand to talk to me, listen and support. Jane had been through her own difficult times and we immediately hit it off.

Jane and I have both grown over the past five years and our businesses have grown with us. Through it all we have supported one another, sharing the tough moments but also the achievements. I knew that even through the darkest times both Jane and I would make it through.

Jane Hopkins MBEMumsClub has grown from strength to strength and I am so proud of what Jane has achieved; receiving her MBE earlier this year has been the icing on the cake. Through her own challenges, she has made a massive contribution and difference to many mums who are either starting out in business or run existing businesses but need to engage with like-minded individuals and feel supported.

As for me, after a few long years, I finally secured significant funding and turned my dream into a reality – in the form of the website you are currently reading.

100 Mums Campaign

Both Jane and I know first-hand how tough it is to have your own business as a mum, to keep the business and the home running and growing, and still be able to share quality family moments.

Gemma JohnsonWe’ll never forget those who have been instrumental in helping us on our business journeys – it’s support we couldn’t have done without. We’re now delighted to be in a position to help others on their own journey, and want to support other mums in any stage of their business.

I hope that our offer of supporting other mums will help to make a positive impact on those that come on board. We want other mums in business to be part of our story; we want to look back and be able to talk about how their businesses became a roaring success, and how our work with the 100 Mums Campaign perhaps offered a small springboard for even greater things.

The 100 Mums campaign will give 100 mum-run enterprises a platform to shout about their business on MyFamilyClub for a fraction of the cost of normal online advertising. It’s operating on a first-come first-served basis. Want to find out more? Go to the 100 Mums Campaign, or get more information and sign up here.

100 Mums campaign