Afro Baby glowing at Ice Age 4

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Gemma JohnsonI couldn’t contain myself when my husband told me he had booked tickets to Ice Age 4 on Saturday. When I told my son (Spaghetti Legs) he went berserk! We have the box set at home and watch it on a regular basis as we just don’t seem to tire of the jokes, characters, the story or the music.

I love nothing more than settling down on the sofa with the kids, drawing the curtains, getting the bag of popcorn out and snuggling up to watch Ice Age 1, 2 or 3.

I knew taking Afro Baby (now just over 2.5 years) was going to be a challenge but I hadn’t quite prepared myself for just how challenging it would be; from her stealing pick n’mix to her running up and down the aisle for almost an hour! This caused me to throw a brewing tantrum as I placed my much loved nachos on the seat next to me only for it to flip back to its original position and fire my nachos all over the floor – complete with cheesy goo!

Afro Baby has such big hair that as she ran down one aisle and in front of the screen, it glowed for all to see. As much as I wanted her to sit down and behave, I couldn’t help but chuckle at her sheer delight at thinking she had broken free.

We also met their cousins there so in total there were seven kids to keep an eye on. Pandemonium!

I have to say, I laughed out loud at Ice Age 4; Sid the Sloth is hilarious – there is one scene where he drinks the sea water. Well, I won’t spoil it for you but it’s brilliant and he has the facial expression down to a tee.

I actually welled up at one point; I know, I know, but if you’re a mum, when you get to the scene where the mammoths are separated you’ll relate to the situation too.

There are some brilliant voices behind the characters, one of my favourites being Denis Leary as Deigo. Have a look at some of the other ones below… can you believe Jennifer Lopez is in it!

Manny the woolly mammoth – Ray Romano
Diego the Smilodon – Denis Leary
Shira the Smilodon who is Diego’s love interest – Jennifer Lopez
Ethan the Woolly mammoth – Drake
Steffie the teenager woolly mammoth – Nicki Minaj
Sid’s Grandmother, Grannie the sloth – Wanda Sykes

I loved the fact that Scrat’s quest for his beloved chestnut continued through this film. The characters (even the baddies) were lovable and infectious, and the whole film was full of laughs. The kids and adults giggled at different points and I thought it catered perfectly for both audiences.

I would highly recommend going with the kids as it is pure joy and an escape from everyday life. You can just get lost in the film and the graphics are amazing.

Definitely a thumbs up from me.

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