Cheesy potato ball challenge

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Gemma JohnsonYum, yum, yum, yum, yum… Oh, and double yum!

I am not afraid to say that I love the kitchen, although if my husband told me to “get in the kitchen” that would probably result in him sleeping on the sofa for a week or three.

As I have recently turned pescetarian, I am finding new, tasty recipes to try out and the odd, throw-it-together-and-hope-it-works combo.

One delight I came up with recently was cumin and coriander, cheesy potato balls (with or without fish). The recipe is easy peasy and the kids (I include my other half in the kids bracket) devoured them. So, I thought I would pass on my “Heston” experiment and see if you can: a) get your little ones to eat them; and b) try not to eat the whole lot yourself.

Warning! It takes 20 minutes for the tummy to tell the brain it’s full so be warned! The potato is quite a devious vegetable when mixed with yummy ingredients, one, down, two down, three down and ooooooooooooooooh! Belly about to pop!

So, on to the recipe… You ready?


350g mashed potato (seasoned and buttery)
50g cheddar cheese
A bunch of chopped, fresh coriander
1 tbsp cumin seeds
150g breadcrumbs
Handful of flour
2 beaten eggs for dipping
2 frozen or fresh haddock, cod or coley fillets (optional)


  • Mash the potato, mix in the cheese, throw in the chopped fresh coriander, mix and roll into balls. You can also add white fish to the potato mix
  • Mix the cumin seeds in with the breadcrumbs
  • Dust with flour, dip in egg, and roll in cumin seed breadcrumbs
  • Shallow fry or oven bake

Serve with soured cream or sweet chilli sauce. Scrum-diddle-de-umptious!