Childminders beware: We need a new friend!

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Gemma JohnsonMy wonderful sister-in-law has just given me notice on leaving the child minding profession for good. After 10 long years she is now on a quest for a new challenge. Between you and me, I think Afro Baby has proven too much, and even her earplugs are begging to be retired back in their box!

I have until 30 March to find a new childminder or nanny for my children. My over riding feeling as I embark on the search to find someone I trust completely is one of sheer terror and nausea.

My husband keeps telling me to pull myself together but I am shocked at just how much I feel like bursting into tears at the thought of someone new.

They say you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone and I have to say, as much as I love my sister-in-law and respect her for her dedication to my children, I am only now just starting to realise the true impact of not having her there to help and to call when Afro Baby has a rash… (my SIL used to be a paediatric nurse, which comes in incredibly handy!)

I feel like I am just learning to walk, I am stumbling about in my ‘cruiser’ heels wondering where on earth I start?! I feel like shouting “somebody help me plleeeaassse”

I have heard is a very good resource if you don’t want to pay for an agency. Oh gosh, here I go again, the heavy feeling in my heart and the butterflies in my tummy… Perhaps I need to call it something else? Looking for a zookeeper for my two baby animals…

I think in time, I’ll get my head around it, and I am open to any comments or tips you can share. So, wish me luck on my new quest for finding a trustworthy, kind, intelligent, creative, loving, fun and honest person who is also a superhero with a tolerance to loud, cheeky, fun loving and darn cute children.