Fabric made out of skin, I’ll take two metres please

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Gemma JohnsonI am finally settling in to my new house after a few weeks of absolute mayhem and turmoil.

Apparently it takes your body nine weeks to acclimatise to someone else’s dust. It doesn’t matter if you clean the new house yourself or you get professionals in to do it, dust mites are crafty little buggers and will find a way stay put.

My dust mite allergy got so bad I ended up on an inhaler and steroid inhaler, but finally after five weeks, I have finally stopped sneezing and wheezing.

I have been so fatigued by the allergy that I haven’t had the energy or time to start making little changes to the house to make it feel like our home.

On Boxing Day, I managed to escape our nuthouse and go furniture hunting. The vendors kindly left us a pair of curtains in the living room as winter was approaching but green velvet although effective in keeping out the cold isn’t really to my taste. Maybe I could make them into a funky bell bottomed trouser suit with a waistcoat?

So with new curtains on my mind, mum, Ted and I set off to the home furnishing store.

Now, if there is one thing kids hate as much as food shopping, it’s got to be furniture shopping. So to make it less painful whilst I sashayed around the aisles, squealing at all the lovely home stuff, I decided to let Ted play hide and seek, within reason of course i.e.: you have to hide in the bean bag department or fabric aisles only.

So up and down mum and I went, trying to match the duck egg blue and ivory from our ridiculously long eight foot sofa to the curtains (from memory!)

Ted hiding In the blue aisle, we found the most amazing roll of fabric, made out of skin with a yellow hair on it. I asked the shop assistant to come over and give me a price and she nearly had a heart attack. Ted loved giving her a fright and begged to hide in even more ridiculous places and scare the whole shop.

On the way out Ted asked if he could lay on the bed, so releasing my inner child I belly flopped on to the bed and proceeded to get a good telling off.