Happy ‘meatless’ Valentine’s

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Gemma JohnsonEvery Valentine’s day that I have been with my husband, he has made steak fondue,  which happens to be a real treat as he only makes it on Valentine’s and our two anniversaries (one for the date we met and one for the day we married – cute huh?).

Now I must add that this is not just any old fondue but small juicy chunks of sirloin steak that I crisp to little blackened cubes (much to his disgust), skinny chips, garlic creme fraiche (that he crushes and stirs with his own fair hands) spring onion salad and of course a bottle of champs (or 2) and some good ‘red’ plonk.

So this Valentine’s is going to be rather different. In haste and straight off the back of a YouTube ‘pork steak covered in coca cola video’ and a bad ‘meaty’ dream, I decided to become a ‘pescatarian’ yesterday morning – out with the meat and in with the veg and all that jazz.

So unless I break my newly formed vow or try a fish fondue then our meal plans are now well and truly scuppered. A fishy fondue due to the temperature of the oil, is probably best avoided.

Now, I have never been a massive Valentine’s Day fan until I don’t get a card or a present! Then a more heinous crime couldn’t have been committed in the history of the whole world! Thinking back to previous years (pre hubby) there have been some interesting Valentine’s surprises along the way.

mystery valentine'sOne in particular, was a card shoved through my letterbox when I lived in a warehouse complex in East London. It was addressed to the “lady with the black dog” which in fairness I did have at the time… his name was Badger. It read: “To the lady with the black dog, I have seen you a few times going into your apartment and my friend lives opposite. I would really like to take you out. Now that you are curious, text me on… ” signed ?.

Well now! How could I not be curious? If there is one predictable element of my personality, it’s my dedication to finding out the answer to whatever snippet of information you want to withold from me, so in this case, who is ?… Den, den, den… The suspense is killing me! So down to the residential bar I went, had a big glass of wine and text my mystery Valentine’s.

Quite a few cryptic text messages later, the meeting place was set. A bar in the West End, at 5pm. I had arranged for my best friend to be sitting at the next table for back up.

So we met, erm… He wasn’t what I was expecting.  We had a good chat and then I made my excuses and announced I was heading back home and that it was nice to meet him. My fingers were poised to text my friend that I would meet her after, when his announcement came: “Oh that’s great, I am staying with my friend tonight so I will travel home with you”!

I felt so bad for trying to escape, I actually texted my friend from the loo to wait for me, travelled all the way back home, got in to the flat, waited for a while, snuck back out and travelled all the way back in to town to meet my friend! T’was a looooong night!

In light of this, am I glad, this Valentine’s will be a vegetarian one, snuggled up watching a DVD… You betcha!