Introducing Spaghetti Legs & Afro Baby

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Spaghetti Legs (of the cooked variety) was born on the 19 July 2007, two weeks premature. Weighing in at 6lbs 12oz with a Mohican of blond hair and blue eyes. He introduced himself to my mother by weeing in her face as she tried to change him. I tried to tell her not to scream but it was too late, in it went…

Around the six month mark, Ted’s spaghetti legs turn into juicy sausages and then back to spaghetti legs once he started toddling about.

Afro Baby was born on the 13 November 2009, slightly overdue, weighing 8lb 10oz and looking like a marshmallow. Dark brown hair and brown eyes (when she could see through them from the Shar Pei folds). Poor ol’ Pheebs had a couple of days where I denied being her mummy, high on morphine after a crash c-section, I decided in my morphine-induced state that she looked nothing like me….well, as my mum pointed out, apart from the dark brown hair and brown eyes bit!

Although both are as cheeky as each other, Afro Baby definitely has the monopoly on naughtiness. Her tantrums are so momentous; I tell myself every night, she is NOT getting in our bed. And what happens? Every night as soon as she roars, I get out of bed like a robot and bring her in to the “big bed”, where she proceeds to tickle my nostrils with her afro and scratch my husband down his back with her toenails.

The other morning I was woken up by a wet, jelly bottom landing with a thump, on the side of my face. Afro Baby thought it would be hilarious to take off her nappy whilst I snored and sit on my head! I mean……what on earth?!

Both of my children have grown into beautiful beings, each placing their own distinct imprint on the world. I still say to my husband that I can’t believe we have created such beautiful children, both inside and out. I have to pinch myself sometimes at the level of responsibility I have in doing my best in shaping them into confident, kind, loving and accepting individuals.

I hope the future for them is as full of opportunities and adventures as it has been for me, and that they will always rise to a challenge and enjoy life, whatever it brings.