Kids parties and hangovers don’t mix!

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hangoverChildren’s birthday parties are, at the best of times, hard work! Not to mention messy, noisy and exhausting. But when you’re nursing a MAJOR hangover, they truly are hell on earth!

I laid down all the rules before heading out on Saturday night, telling my husband I was only going to have a couple of drinks, then we were going to bed early… blah, blah, blah. We’ll be up nice and early on Sunday morning, travel back home and get the party ready for Afro Baby turning the big T.W.O.

4 margaritas + 1 glass of wine + a 35 minute cab ride = vomiting 3 times + hangover from hell.

With an upside down stomach and a head that felt like it was being crushed by the Incredible Hulk, I managed to get through an afternoon with seven “hyperactive, squabbling” children plus an Irish wolfhound who wouldn’t know dog training if it bit her on the backside. I had to defend the party food from a dog on ridiculous proportions, causing me to gorge on party food until I had turned my stomach the right way up.

Afro Baby spent most of the afternoon walking around in her ladybird costume bouncing off the walls after a rather large piece of icing-laden birthday cake, bashing her brother and cousins around the legs with a lightsaber.

I have been wandering around today, thinking “where does the time go?” I can’t believe she is two already. Before I had kids I used to think about my age and getting older and now I measure time in how old my kids are. Which is nice in a way as it takes the focus off checking for wrinkles and grey hair.

So, it’s the start of a new week and I have managed to shake off my headache and I have decided to bring my New Year’s resolution forward a month or so….by NEVER drinking EVER, EVER again!