Luther Series 3 – watched it through my fingers, did you?

gemma 1

Home alone last night, all the kids in bed, I decided not to wait for my husband to catch up (he was still on Episode 2, Series 1) and watched the much hyped new TV series of crime drama, Luther.

Luther is amazing TV and Idris Elba really makes it compulsive viewing – he’s a brilliant, brilliant actor.

I was feeling particularly lazy as my husband was at cricket, so I lay on the sofa after eating leftover chicken curry, with all the lights off. Infact it was every light in the house because I was far too settled to move!

Had I known how UNBELIEVABLY scary Luther was going to be I would have installed football pitch floodlights in every single room. OMG! I am still in shock and I honestly don’t know if I can bring myself to watch next week’s episode.

The first awful, awful scene was a view from under the woman’s bed. You could just see her feet in heels as she sat on the bed and then removed them and set them aside.

She gets into bed and then… a man slides out from underneath. What?! No! Wait! Don’t do this to me!

All kids and adults are afraid of what’s lurking under the bed even after you’ve checked it three times. Even though my bed only has about a two inch gap between it and the floor, I still check.

Now I’m not going to go into the loft scene as I hardly slept a wink! I managed to get myself to bed (just) and lay there with Charlie in the Moses basket and then it dawned on me, our attic also had a ladder that you pull down. What a night! What can I say? Luther is amazing TV and Idris Elba really makes it compulsive viewing – he’s a brilliant, brilliant actor.

twitter LutherBack in the day when I owned a tailoring business, I had the pleasure of making Idris a suit for his premiere in LA for a film with Hilary Swank. If you think this guy’s got presence on screen, try meeting him face to face in a small room with a tape measure in hand.

The Twittersphere was buzzing last night during #Luther, mainly the same comments about the bed and people not being able to sleep.

What I learnt last night was next time I should wait for my husband to catch up so I can hide behind him rather than my fingers!

Plus I’ll have someone by my side who understands why I am too scared to go to bed or be on my own downstairs / upstairs, in the garden etc.

If you watched it, please comment, I just loved and laughed out loud at Twitter last night. Even my Facebook page was buzzing with my female friends screeching in terror.